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    First just want to say thanks to all the staff and players for the fun over the years. I may not have played AC2 very much, but have always (almost daily actually) hopped on the forums to check out any news.

    So I know most of you are over on angel island and/or rel por or planning to be, but I'd like to formally offer to come play vanilla WoW with me here on alliance side: vanillagaming.org
    Quite recently nostalrius, the most populated of free WoW servers (2k+ at almost all times) was shut down due to blizzard sending them cease and desist order for one reason or another. Not sure what the issue was but they were only up around a year. vanillagaming.org has been up for 7+ years no problem so no problem there. Point being with that one getting shut down has been a huge surge in population and therefore activity going on. Also its x15 experience rate so no ridiculously long grind to lvl 60. So yeah, feel free to message me here if interested or just go get on and mail me in game on alliance @ Nikkibrat or Nikkili. Have been well established over there for a very long time (playing off and on) so will certainly be able to help getting started a ton easier.

    ALSO, and this one is much more exciting to me, uthgard.net essentially a free vanilla version of dark age of camelot, after about 2+ years of being shutdown and redevoloping their vision for the server (after 10+ years of being up with no wipes or anything i should add), is starting open beta in about 2 weeks, and most likely after about 3 months of that a wipe of the beta toons and official relaunch. I'll definitely be playing both the beta and the official launch. Friends/guildies of the previously mentioned WoW server are on board to get a guild going over there and have a blast and I invite any of you interested to come check it out. If unfamiliar with the game, it has 3 realms at war with eachother each with their own unique and massive leveling areas only that realm can access, battlegrounds, and frontiers which are full on kill or be killed with main objective capturing keeps via siege warfare. controlling the most keeps means controlling a special dungeon so its more than just bragging which has always been cool to me. albion (king arthur type stuff), midgard (norse mythology, viking type stuff), and hibernia (celt, elf type stuff) are the 3 realms. we'll be playing hibernia. how this games skills and equipment works is NOT like WoW or really any of these new age mmo's. gear is more about maxing out your toons attributes and resistances which all have limits based on race and class so its not really about having "leet gears" to be good. there is also no "skill tree" type thing. more like weapon styles you unlock as you spend points on that type, and realm abilities you buy with realm points and ranks you earn through killing other realms. reason i point that out is its very much up to the person to create your toon the way you want. anyways thought i'd give a bit of description to hopefully encourage some of you to come try it out and hopefully join me :). Again can message me on here, or reach me in the beta and launch as Nikkibrat or Nikkili :p. Go figure right?

    Was a bit longer than I intended lol. Has been real and again another special thanks to staff and the players who made my time here fun and helped me get my sandstone spa even though my time with it was short lived :p.
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