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    If you want to read the whole interview, read below.

    Hello, I am GM Gustav, I am working on a project to get the community to get to know each other better. This project is called Player Profiles, and is basically an interview with a player or group. I choose my next interviewee from a list of people suggested to me by the community. SO feel free to PM me your suggestions.

    Today I decided to interview a small group of very interesting players. They go by the name of Trillnation, and are very colorful in dress and splendor. The Trillnation is made up of


    Here is their story.

    Upon arriving at my office for this interview, my guards killed Hamburgler, they are not used to having visitors. For that I am sorry, they have been put on temporary leave, without pay.

    Immidiatly, DamUhFuckinChef begins to grill me," What is the purpose of these interviews? I didn't get the memo!."

    Jolly Roger," Can I have powers of the sea?"
    and finally Hamburgler asks,"Any souvenirs?"

    I can already tell this was the right choice of people to kick start my Player Profiles.

    After a few minutes of reassuring them that they will be super famous after this *fingers crossed* I began with my questions.

    GM Gustav," How long have you been on An Corp?"

    Hamburgler,"I have only been here 60 days but I feel like I made a big impact sofar, made a lot of friends."

    Jolly Roger," like 45 days myself, oh wait this is my newer account. I'd say about 60 days as well."

    DaMuFuckinChef,"I've been playing for 363 days"

    GM Gustav," What exactly is The Trillnation?"

    Hamburgler,"It's a little bit hard top explain"

    Jolly Roger,"Trill Nation is the Nation of Trills, plus one, Mr.Chef over there."

    DaMuhFuckinChef"Yes, I am da muh fuckin Chef"

    Hamburgler,"I mean I guess you can compare it to Illuminati or some sort of exclusive [group] with no real guidelines."

    Jolly Roger," Well not everyone, but yes."

    DaMuhFuckinChef," I cook things."

    Hamburgler," Everyone knows about Illumunati too, but can anyone tell you how to get into Illuminati?"

    DaMuhFuckinChef,"Yeah, but it's a facade for the real secrets. but don't tell anyone."

    Jolly Roger,"Man, I can't even tell you how to become Trillnation."

    GM Gustav," How have you been enjoying An Corp lately?"

    Hamburgler,"I like An Corp a lot, when I first joined..." he seemed to have lost train of thought.

    DaMuhFuckinChef," The high seas need more things for us to raid ad plunder for booty, but yes it is the greatest."

    Hamburgler,"I second that"

    Jolly Roger," Me and Ham came over from Shadow Age actually, punkte is a retard."

    GM Gustav," Does the Trillnation pvp?"


    Hamburgler," I pvp, but admittedly suck at it."

    DaMuhFuckinChef,"I guess that's a matter of perception"

    GM Gustav," please explain?"

    DaMuhFuckinChef,"Try to pvp would maybe better describe that."

    Jolly Roger," Agreed"

    Hamburgler," And do it few and far between lol I mean, we get into fights, we're pirates after all."

    GM Gustav,"Now for the hardest question, If you were able to make a suggestion directly to Luthius Coder, what would it be?"

    Hamburgler,"one moment."

    GM Gustav," Take your time."

    Hamburgler," Honestly something along the lines of.... we need more love for pirates."

    DaMuhFuckinChef," more pirate love."

    Hamburgler," and what we mean by that is an event or something, something to show us the awesome pirate system you guys created hasnt been forgotten.


    GM Gustav,"Jolly Roger?"

    Jolly Roger,"Well, I mean, I'm sure it be hard to create and honestly I couldn't think of how to do it, but some sort of pirate dungeon would sorta be neat. So sort of only pirate items and other vanity items for ships or some sort of gear/pirate reward."

    GM Gustav," Oh I forgot to ask you, What brought you to An Corp?"

    Jolly Roger,"Well for me and Ham, we started on Shadow Age and well... Punkte just ruined the whole system. He had people saying they could help coding and such, for free, and he denied it after a while it, just, was horrible. and then one day someone mentioned this shard to Ham and we came here. Sofar we are lovin' it.

    GM Gustav," I am glad you came here. Thank you random person for mentioning An Corp."

    Hamburgler,"So basically what brought me here is... Punkte sucks, and I played the first An Corp."

    DaMuhFuckinChef," I came from UOAC1 =D."

    Hamburgler," So I was looking for another shard, I looked to see if the first one was still up, and it wasn't, but google brought me here. I tried other shards and always liked the pirating here"

    DaMuhFuckinChef,"Best pirate system 100%."

    Jolly Roger,"Yeah agreed Pirate was a really really awesome idea."

    Hamburgler," Best pirating system sofar."

    GM Gustav," Yeah, Luthius did something wonderful with this pirating system."

    Hamburgler started to tell an impromptu story.
    I was trying to skill gain in despise, saw a red come in, it was Goreaxe. ya the Pker, everyone knows him. Anyways i saw him pk 2 guys. So me being me, I was like,"Hey let me get the armor off the dead." and he grabbed it off so I wouldn't go grey. Then he offered me 20kgp if I would meet in Cove. So Goreaxe isn't so bad. I go to meet him in Cove and when i get there, Gummy is there looking for him, and kills him. I was so mad I was like "Damnit he was about to give me 20k in gold." Then Gummy was like "That's all I came for." Goreaxe went and got rezzed, came back and gave me 20k, then Gummy hooked me up with BB, a really good new player guild at the time.

    That concludes my first Player profile, I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to getting to know more of you as this project continues.

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    o cool event gummy
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    dont interview me
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    Congrats Hamburglar on getting featured!
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    Let's try and keep things on topic please.
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    Cool interview, you're a celeb now!
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    was alot of fun would like to see more players doing these there fun to do and read

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