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    The other day I chased down GrizzlysGhost, owner and operator of the Vendor right south of the west Britain bridge. GrizzlyGhost was suggested to me by a player, and it was pretty easy to see he would be a good choice.

    Here is my interview.

    GM Gustav,"So, do you like to be called Absynth, or GrizzlysGhost, or another name?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"I respond best to Grizz I guess."

    GM Gustav,"How long have you been on An Corp?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Just over three months and it's been a great experience so far."

    GM Gustav,"Glad to hear it. What brought you to An Corp?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"UO has been on and off my mind since I played it back in 98-2000... I thought I'd investigate it online a bit and see if there was still a presence."

    GM Gustav,"Ah, the UO curse"

    GrizzlysGhost,"I stumbled upon Papa Carl's videos and I was hooked."

    GM Gustav,"Papa Carl did wonderful things here."

    GM Gustav,"What are your favorite parts of An Corp?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"There is a great sense of community here. I believe anyone can find a place to belong. Be it pvp, or dungeon crawling, crafting, opr pirating. There's always something interesting going on."

    GM Gustav,"I have seen your vendors a bunch of times, its very nice. You seem to be into the business aspect a lot. Which some would consider An Corps weakest part. Whats your opinion on that?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Thank you. I take some measure of pride in getting the vendors up and running! :) being a solitary individual myself, I enjoy the crafting aspect the most. I'm able to take a break and just mine, or lumberjack, or even sit in a quiet office mixing potions. That sort of thing is what interests me the most :)"

    GM Gustav,"That is nice to hear."

    GrizzlysGhost,"For instance, the large battle we just had."

    GM Gustav,"At the event? It was bloody."

    GrizzlysGhost,"And by the way, the Hunter's Society is doing a great job with that. A blood battle such as that. I just feel like taking the boat out and fishing for a while."

    GM Gustav,"Soon they will be giving more power to the citizens."

    GrizzlysGhost,"Always keeping on eye out for the nefarious pirates of course... :)"

    GM Gustav,"Yeah... they have been active lately."

    GrizzlysGhost,"It's good to see."

    GM Gustav,"What do you think is the hardest part of being one of the main active vendor owners on the shard?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"I would say the most difficult aspect would be keeping up with demand. Difficult in a good way. Since I enjoy crafting and stocking, and trying to get people what they need. It all works out."

    GM Gustav,"You must be making a killing."

    GrizzlysGhost,"On some items, yes. But most of the items don't net me very much. Instead of killing monsters for gold, I'm chopping trees or digging dirt. It works out pretty well."

    GM Gustav,"Are you excited about any of the expansion items?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Oh yes. The new expansion has so many exciting aspects I'm looking forward to. The new dungeon bosses look great, and challenging! The new boating aspect is amazing, with guild dock upgrades and missions. I can hardly wait.!"

    GM Gustav,"Is there anything you would like to see that isn't on there?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Hmmmm... Missing... OH! more dungeons or missions like Fire."

    GM Gustav,"Instanced Dungeons?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Where the group of like-minded adventurers could go and tackle a mission as a team... without interference."

    GM Gustav,"Is there anything you would like to ask staff?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"Where do you guys keep getting these great ideas? keep it up! ;)"

    GM Gustav,"We are always brainstorming, but the players are our best asset. Anytime you have an idea, opinion, concern, posting it on the forums, PMing one of us or paging in game will get the issue noticed."

    GrizzlysGhost,"It sounds like it, and staff is so responsive and open to suggestions, I've noticed on several occasions, issues are tackled right away. You pay it forward to all of us, and we appreciate it."

    GM Gustav,"Is there anything you would like to add before i go?"

    GrizzlysGhost,"I like long walks on the beach...."
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    I think more players should do these there fun and its really intresting to read others profiles
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    Agreed! More interviews shall be forthcoming!
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