Patch 2.2.7 - St Paddy's Day / Pet Updates

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    Tamed Creature / Henchmen PvP Damage
    - Tamed creature / Henchmen Melee Attack and Spell damage boosted moderately (are now in between where they were before and after last patch)

    Breath Attacks
    - Creatures dealing a Breath Attack or Massive Breath attack now have a small delay before they may deal a melee attack afterwards (preventing a breath attack and then an immediate melee attack occurring afterwards)

    - Breath Attacks dealt against players now randomize their damage between a creature's DamageMin and DamageMax values and deal 90% of that randomized amount

    - 1 Slot Pets and Henchmen that deal Breath Attacks receive an additional -10% damage penalty to their Breath Attack damage (throwing knives from Henchmen are effectively breath attacks)

    Tamed Creature Attack Speed
    - Tamed creatures no longer lose attack speed for missing stamina and will attack based entirely on their Dex value

    Void Slime
    - PvP Attack Speed increased from 5 sec delay to 3 second delay

    - Attack range increased from 8 to 12 tiles (will ideally try to stay 10 tiles away but will fire up to 12 away)

    St. Patrick's Day
    - Added some special St. Patrick's day gear

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