Patch 2.2.6 - Misc Fixes

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    Armor Handling
    - Player vs Player Melee damage will continue to use OSI's old armor damage reduction formula as before. Nothing will change for players when it comes to PvP Melee hits.

    - All other forms of Non-Spell damage considered "physical damage", such as player vs creature melee attacks, creature vs player melee attacks, creature Breath Attacks and most creature Special Attacks, will now have their damage reduced by a randomized percentage based on the target's Total Armor value. This reduction will be a randomized percentage between 33% of the target's Total Armor Value and 66% of that Total Armor Value.

    Minimum Reduction = Total Armor Value * (1/3) / 100
    Maximum Reduction = Total Armor Value * (2/3) / 100

    25 AR would be a damage reduction randomly between 8.3% to 16.6%
    50 AR would be a damage reduction randomly between 16.6% to 33.3%
    75 AR would be a damage reduction randomly between 25% to 50%

    Players will still have a randomized piece of their armor "hit" to possibly incur durability loss, but the damage reduction calculation will only look at the target's Total Armor and now ignores the individual armor value of the piece hit for determining damage reduction (OSI's system reduces damage based on the individual Armor Piece's AR value)

    Note: some creatures abilities are not flagged as being "physical" damage and may still ignore armor, such as the "Doom" ability the Khaldun Lich Maliel had.

    Additionally, Tamed Creatures armor values for the moment will display as their old (high) values, but are being scaled into this system as well

    Damage Adjustments
    - Player Melee damage vs Non-Tamed creatures increased moderately

    - Player Melee damage vs Tamed Creatures increased by a small amount

    - Tamed creature damage (melee/spell/special ability) vs players reduced moderately (i.e. Pet PvP)

    - Stealth Backstab damage dealt to Boss / Champ / Event Boss / LoH Creatures reduced by a small amount

    Pet Disruption in PvP
    - When Tamed Creatures inflict damage against a player by any means (melee attack, spell damage, breath attack, poison tick, bleed, special abilities, etc) they no longer have a 100% chance to interrupt that player if they were casting nor do they have a 100% chance to cause a bandage slip if that player was using a bandage

    - When Tamed Creatures inflict damage to a player they now have a (2% * damage inflicted) chance to interrupt their spell or cause a bandage slip on them

    - All pet damage will still have a 100% chance to break paralyze on a target, however

    - A lava lizard dealing a 10 damage breath attack will have a 20% chance to interrupt a player or cause them to have a bandage slip
    - A bullvore dealing 20 damage from a melee attack to a player will have a 40% interrupt/bandage slip chance
    - A wisp dealing 30 damage from a flamestrike to a player will have a 60% interrupt/bandage slip chance
    - An ancient wyrm dealing a 40 damage breath attack will have a 80% interrupt/bandage slip chance

    Energy Vortex / Blade Spirit
    - Fixed flagging issues with Energy Vortex / Blade Spirit

    Pet Handling Adjustments
    - Tamed Pet movement speed slightly reduced when in Attack, Guard, or Patrol Mode

    - Pets that inflict Poison attacks have their chance to inflict poison reduced by 50% of normal when attacking a player or tamed creature

    - Pet poison breath now has a 50% chance (instead of 100% chance) to poison a player or tamed creature

    - Creatures that have Bleed attacks will do them much more frequently in PvP now (since pet-based damage now has a % chance to interrupt / cause bandage slips)

    - Creatures summoned with a Summoner Tome will revert to their baseline stats if they enter PvP (lose their increases to Hit Points and Melee Damage)

    - Rotworm Larva (tamed) special burrow ability will now inflict 10 damage to itself (instead of 10% of max hit points)

    Creature (Non-Tamed) Adjustments
    - Untamed Ancient Wyrms should now mirror tamed Ancient Wyrms in their usage of regular and massive breath attacks

    - Arcane Dragon hitpoints increased and resist lowered

    - Shadow Dragon hitpoints decreased slightly and resist increased

    - White Wyrm hitpoints decreased slightly and spellcasting abilities / AI increased

    - Fixed an issue with Maggot not attacking while in his "immovable state"

    - Loot increased on Treestalker and Earthly Tendril

    - Companions speaking in WorldChat will have (Companion) displayed before their name

    - Young players speaking WorldChat will have (Young) displayed before their name

    - Players can now type [ShowHealing to display System Messages or Overhead text showing the healing amounts done to them, by them, or done to their pets. Players can type [ShowHealing multiple times to cycle through the different text display modes for the healing amount text

    Spell Fixes
    - Earthquake spell will now only work on targets within a height range of 20 z-level above or below the caster

    - Dispel and Mass Dispel will now flag the caster against the owner of the targeted creatures

    - The Bless spell should now use charges when used with a Wizards Enhance Spell Tome

    Slayer Group Audit

    - Conducted a massive Slayer Group audit and added a huge number of creatures to the slayer group tables

    - Pirate / Navy ship NPCs have been added to Repond

    - All Bosses and Champs have been added to slayer groups as well (notably: Maggot and minions have been designated as Repond, and The Deep One and their minions has been designated as elementals)

    Pirate / Paladin / Murderer Carpet Tiles
    - Dread, Pirate, and Paladin Carpet tiles have been added to their respective class vendors

    Dungeon Armor
    - Deceit Armor: AR is now 45. Siphon effect frequency increased 100% but has 50% of the previous effect.

    - Destard Armor: Melee and Spell Damage reductions increased to 16%, 19%, 22%, and 25% (per tier)

    - Hythloth Armor: Special Weapon Attack chance boost increased to 10%, 12%, 14%, 16% (per tier)

    - Covetous Armor: Chance to cast Poison/Poison Field without spending mana increased to 35%, 40%, 45%, 50% (per tier)

    - Wrong Armor: Backstab Damage Bonus increased to 45%, 50%, 55%, 60% (per tier)

    - Despise Armor: Discordance boost increased to 5.5%, 7%, 8.5%, 10% (per tier)

    - Fire Armor: Chance when inflicting melee and receive melee to inflict flamestrike increased to 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% (per tier)

    Weapon Special Attacks
    - Fencing Weapon Special Attacks will now do +50% damage of normal. They will still inflict their previous slowdown effect

    Animal Lore
    - The Animal Lore gump will now show any tameable creature's "tamed stat/skill" randomization (-10% to +10%) that gets determiend when it spawns. Values in green are greater than average and values in red are below average


    Rare Tameables
    - Rare Tameables will now spawn with their stats/skills deviating from 0-10% (instead of the normal -10% to +10% stat/skill randomization of normal tamed creatures)

    - Rare Tameables existing prior to this patch that spawned with any stats/skills below 0% will now have those stats/skills randomized to a new value between 0-10% (players may need to stable and retrieve them once to see the stat changes)

    Decorative Equipment
    - Created a "Decorative Equipment" property for certain items that treats them for all intents and purposes as clothing, thereby allowing them to be blessed with a clothing bless deed (Note: Decorative Items by default are not blessed and you still must use a Clothing Bless deed to Bless them)

    - Single clicking a Decorative Equipment item will display [Decorative]

    - All Halloween Costumes are now designated as Decorative Equipment (we'll try to get more reward items designated as Decorative Equipment when we get time)

    - Decorative Equipment weapons are treated like daggers (1-2 damage, no special attacks)

    - Decorative Equipment armor have 0 AR and no meditation penalty

    - Decorative Equipment shields have 0 chance to parry and cannot use the Grip Shield ability

    Misc Fixes
    - Boats will now delete any movable item (such as reagents) they move over

    - Fixed several issues with correct display of damage dealt to discorded creatures and via ship-to-ship damage should be resolved with the changes listed above to how armor is handled

    - Year removed from display name of Valentines Day gifts

    - Spider Silk Fishing Net hue changed to 1154 (white/blue) to avoid confusion with Fabled Nets

    - Aquariums no longer lose water once filled

    - Emerald Pet Dye should now have the correct name displayed

    - Fixed a display issue in the Stable gump for players having a large number of pets stabled

    - Fix for a crash that can occur with null corpses being created

    - Diamond Pickaxes should now work correctly on Lunite Ore Formations

    - Diamond Pickaxes and Diamond Shovels no longer need LOS to work

    - Lunite Ore Formations should spawn at their correct hit points (2000)

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