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    WorldChat is a global broadcasting system for players.

    Players can create WorldChat messages by hitting the , key and then typing their message
    Players can access their WorldChat Options Page by typing [WorldChat

    By default players will have WorldChat enabled. A player with WorldChat enabled will receive a message each time they log in telling them that WorldChat is currently active for their account.

    WorldChat login message and text prompt that occurs after hitting ,

    Players can create WorldChat messages via the , key and then typing their desired message

    WorldChat Options page where players can disable WorldChat or Ignore (squelch) other players. This is accessed by typing [WorldChat

    Clicking the World Chat Enabled button will hide the displaying of all WorldChat text messages for your account

    Clicking the Add Player to Ignore List will prompt the player to type the name of the player they wish to add to their Ignore List

    Clicking Chat Text Color will bring up a hue-picker that will change the text hue of any WorldChat messages displayed on their screen

    The system is account based, so your World Chat Enabled, Ignore List, Chat Text Color selections are shared across all characters on your account


    When a player has added other players to their Ignore List, they can elect to reorder the listed player entries by Name or by Date Added (the date the player was added to the ignore list)

    Clicking the Remove Entry button on a player on your Ignore List will remove that player from your list

    By default adding a player to your Ignore List will automatically toggle the Ignore All on Account for that player entry. This means you won't hear messages from all characters on that player's account. This can be disabled on a per-player basis by un-clicking the checkmark on that player entry.

    Misc Fixes
    - Lunite Ore Formations should finally begin spawning again

    - Normalized loot drops among the mini champs and adjusted Barding Difficulty / Loot on Myconids

    - Created a number of new Announcement Bell objects that will be placed within the world for players to use, such as the Battlegrounds Bell

    - Tinker Traps that are locked down within houses will no longer be demolished by creatures walking near them

    - Created administrative tools to monitor for player-based activity that could potentially cause server slowdown due to action frequency (spamming actions)
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