Patch 2.2.3 - Influence/UOACZ Updates

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    Influence System
    - Influence System markers should now recalculate all controllers correctly

    - When a player makes an increase in Prestige or Investment at any influence marker, that character on their account now becomes the "display name" character that will show up in any of the Influence System gumps if (for controlling buildings / town controllers)

    Exploits / Detection

    - Created a series of admin tools to check for possible exploits and system abuses

    Worldchat Framework
    - Created the backend framework for the WorldChat system (isn't live yet however)


    - When players die in UOACZ they now will keep all their items on resurrection with the exception of:
    - Each Brains item on an Undead player has a 50% chance of being lost
    - Each Food or Water item on a Human player has a 50% chance of being lost, or if the item has multiple charges, will instead only lose half it's charges, rounded down


    - Fixed the Stat Dropping bug
    - The First Ranger Human champ has gotten a significant difficulty bump
    - The Tree of Death Undead champ has gotten a significant difficulty bump
    - The scores earned by killing Champs and Bosses have been bumped
    - The Overview / Team Select gump will now correctly display Undead Total Scores
    - Fix for the Firefield crash

    - Fishing and Mining will now be subject to the normal cooldown that other scavenging attempts have
    - Wildlife has a chance now to drop Crude Bone Armor on death
    - Players who are Paladins in the normal game world should not lose their paladin status for commiting a criminal action in UOACZ

    - Undead players attacking wildlife will do 1% of normal damage to them if the wildlife is not currently corrupted

    - The Corrupt Wildlife Objective is now the "Spread Corruption" Objective and is progressed by corrupting wildlife and using the Creep Ability

    - Undead players at Tier 5 will now be able to boost their Stats / Skills by 5% for 10 upgrade points

    - Undead players abilities will increase in effectiveness by 3% per Monster Tier Level and for each time they do a post-Tier 5 Stat/Skill boost

    - Rebalanced Undead Form stats to have slightly lower starting wrestling but will now have higher wrestling than before at higher tiers. All Undead forms have received a significant melee damage bump. Meditation and Int on most forms have been reduced moderately

    - The Firebreath ability now has 12 projectiles, and every 3rd projectile will home in on its target (the other will potentially deviate as before)

    - The Enrage Ability has been replace with Corpse Breath: Ranged attack that entangles the target, dealing increased damage and entangle duration based on how many corpses are nearby

    - The Feeding Frenzy ability now boosts the player and all nearby swarm followers attack speed and damage by 25% for 15 seconds

    - The Fleshcraft ability has been replaced with Living Bomb: Targets a swarm follower, which if it is still living 5 seconds later, will explode dealing damage to nearby targets

    - The Darkblast ability will detonate at 2 seconds (instead of 3)

    - Bloody Mess, Combust, Virus, Sunder, Ghostly Strike, Embrace, Firebreath ability cooldowns are now 15 seconds

    - Restless Dead, Malediction, Chain Lightning, Engulf, Bone Breath cooldowns are now 30 seconds

    - Shadows ability cooldown is now 2 minutes

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