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    - Powerscrolls have been rebalanced to more frequently drop desired skills
    - Players may use scissors on Powerscrolls to receive a gump, which if they confirm, will destroy the power scroll and grant them 3 Influence Lottery Tickets

    Influence Lottery Tickets
    - Crafting Components will drop much less now on Influence Lottery Tickets and will drop in stacks (instead of a bag)
    - Added Reagent Stacks as a common reward

    - Fixed an issue with players who unlocked the Benchplayer or Hoard customizations via deed not getting their effects: players affected by this will simply need to log in once, log out, and then the customization should now be activated

    Paragon Devolve Wands
    - These are now for sale on Provisioners for 500 gold (has 5 charges)


    - Fixed an issue with static graphic torsos (resulting from "corpse explosions") blocking movement
    - Emotes can not be used while a player is currently squelched
    - Creatures will now treat stacked Tinker Traps on the ground similarly to Containers in terms of destroying them when blocked by them (note, this refers to the base Tinker Trap item, not a Tinker Trap that has been activated and placed)

    UOACZ (all items below)

    Misc Fixes
    - Drop rates for loot / upgrades when attacking or repairing Walls / Stockpiles / Corruption Sourcestone have been dropped slightly
    - Fix for potential crash with firefields
    - The Cleave ability will no longer hit the player using the ability
    - Torch usage cooldown reduced to 10 seconds (from 60)
    - Added a fix that should auto-correct player stats if they get out of sync
    - The Undead Corpse Explosion ability has been replaced with "Aura of Decay" (does AoE damage to humans adjacent to the Undead player each second for 30 seconds)
    - The Carrion Rat follower now correctly takes 1 control slot
    - Silver Weapon damage against Undead players has been dropped (from +50% to +25%)
    - Rapid Treatment / Superior Healing effect both reduced from +50% to +33%
    - Sacrifice Undead ability now does 10% damage to user (instead of 25%)
    - Monk Upgrade skills boosted moderately
    - Players must now be within 2 tiles to gather Water
    - Fountains of Evil corpses will delete after 3 seconds (dropping their items to the ground)

    Undead Stats / Skills / Abilities
    Undead Forms have gotten a very large bump in terms of Hitpoints as well as a sizable increase to Dex / Int and Skills. A good number of Undead abilities have had their cooldowns reduced significantly. Many Undead abilities have also had their damage bumped.

    Additionally, Undead Players who reach Monster Tier 5 can now spend 16 Undead Upgrade Points to increase all their Stats and Skills by 10% (this replaces the Upgrade Monster Tier Button in the Upgrade gump). This may be done multiple times

    Wrestling PvP Defensive Cap
    When determining Player vs Player melee hits, the Defender's Wrestling Skill is capped at 100. This is to prevent the situation of "Unhittable" high level players.

    Banking Upgrades
    All player accounts, even for players not online or currently in UOACZ, will earn 1 Human Upgrade, 1 Survival Upgrade, 1 Undead Upgrade, 1 Corruption Point every 15 minutes that a UOACZ session is active. This means that players who log into UOACZ 1 hour after it has started will have 4 extra of each of those points listed. Players currently in a UOACZ session will earn these as well.

    UOACZ Overview Gump / Team Select
    Players can now switch teams from Human to Undead (and vice versa) from the Overview / Team gump that is accessible from their Survival / Corruption Tome as well as a button on the Objectives Overview gump.

    The Overview / Team Select gump displays
    1) How many players are currently on each team,
    2) The total combined score of all online players for each team
    3) The progress of each Objective for each team
    4) The Underdog Percent Bonus each team is currently receiving to Upgrade Token Chances, Loot Drops, Ability effectiveness. This bonus is calculated from a variety of factors, including each team's player count and their progress towards objectives
    5) Buttons to change teams from Human to Undead or vice versa

    If there is no current UOACZ session active, players can still preemptively make team changes in this gump, which will determine which team they will start out on when the session begins. Once a session has started, however, players may only change teams:

    1) As long as they haven't been in PvP in the last 60 seconds
    2) Once every 30 minutes

    Players who end a session on one team will by default begin the next UOACZ session on that same team again unless they go into this gump and make another team change.

    When players switch from Human to Undead, or vice versa, all their items on their player are stored in their "character snapshot", and will be restored to the player if they later decide to change teams back to their original one.

    Removal of Humanity / Team Selection
    The Humanity mechanic has been removed from UOACZ, as players are now free to change teams.

    Hunger / Thirst Death
    Human players will no longer die when hitting 0 Hunger / 0 Thirst. They simply will be very, very weak.

    Dying and Fatigue
    When Human and Undead players now die in UOACZ, they will suffer Fatigue for 10 minutes. While fatigued, their melee damage, ability damage, and swarm follower damage are all reduced by 75% of normal against other players. Note: this only a PvP mechanic, and Fatigued players will be at full effectiveness against regular NPCs

    Fatigue is not cumulative nor stackable, so a player who dies multiple times in a row will still only suffer the same 75% PvP penalty and the 10 minute timer will simply reset.

    If a player is currently Fatigued, it will show in their UOACZ Tomes / Gumps as "Fatigue: 8m 30s" where as "8m 30s" refers to how much time in Fatigue they have remaining. If a player is not currently Fatigued, it will list as "Fatigue: None" or "Fatigue -" in their gumps.

    Killing other players who are Fatigued will now result in 2 Score Points instead of the normal 5 Score Points

    Human Honor has been altered to the following:

    Killing another Human player drops your Honor by 100 (to 0).
    Killing a Human NPC drops your Honor by 40.
    Attacking a Human Player drops your Honor by 10.
    Attacking a Human NPC drops your Honor by 10.

    When a Human player hits 0 Honor, they are Outcasts, and the following applies:

    - They flag as Orange to all other Human players
    - All Human Militia NPCs will attack them on sight
    - When they die, they will respawn at a random wilderness location and not within town
    - The Town Fort Doors will no longer be usable by them

    Moongates / Tunnels / Dig Ability
    Players will not be able to use Moongates, Tunnels, or the Dig Ability (as Undead) if they have been in PvP within the last 60 seconds.

    Outpost Stockpile
    The Undead no longer need to destroy the Outpost stockpile in order to complete their objective

    Corrupting Wildlife
    Normal Undead NPCs will no longer corrupt wildlife, and the Corrupt Wildlife Objective must entirely be done by Undead Players and their swarm followers. The chance to corrupt wildlife has been increased for both, and the number of wildlife that needs to be corrupted has now been reduced.

    Raw / Corrupted Food
    Since Humanity is no longer in UOACZ, Human players that eat Raw or Corrupted food will now suffer from Disease damage. Players that double click a Raw or Corrupted food item will get a confirmation gump warning them that they will suffer from Disease damage if they confirm and continue to eat the item.

    Once confirming, they will become diseased, suffering from 5 damage (from Raw Food) or 15 damage (from Corrupted Food) every 6 seconds for 60 seconds. This disease damage is also cumulative and eating another Raw/Corrupted food item will also reset the timer to the full 60 seconds. So if you were to eat a piece of raw meat you'd be taking 5 damage every 6 seconds, but if you then ate a piece of corrupted meat 30 seconds later, you'd now be taking 20 damage every 6 seconds for the next 60 seconds.

    Ultimately this means players can now eat Raw meat and Corrupted meat without worry of permanent damage (as Humanity is now gone), however it will likely put them in a dangerous spot healthwise for the next 60 seconds, especially if they eat a lot of it all at once.
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