Patch 2.2.1 - UOACZ/Misc Fixes

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    - Fix for several crashes caused by some older game system gumps
    - Fix for some crashes related to accessing the UOACZ gumps outside of a UOACZ session
    - Ancient Wyrm Massive Breath will no longer be able to damage themselves or their tamer (sorry, was fixed a while back but accidentally overwritten with the last UOACZ patch, apologies!)
    - Created Paragon Devolve Wands: These can be used to convert a Paragon creature back down to its normal type, with the normal restrictions in place for Paragon Wands (can't be in combat with other players) as well as requiring the creature to have been spawned at least 15 minutes prior
    - Created Powerscroll to Influence Lottery Ticket Conversion Deeds: converts a Power Scroll into 3 Influence Lottery Tickets

    Gold Sinks / Customizations
    - Created Backpack Dyes, which change the hue of your backpack in your paper doll
    - Created Container Rename Deeds which can rename a container
    - Created House Co-Owner, Friend, and Ban Slot Expansion Deeds
    - Created Jewelry Bless Deeds
    - Created Herder and Rancher Customizations which unlock 5 and 10 additional (cumulative) Stable Slots for a player's account
    - Created 24 Different Emote Customizations
    - Emotes are usable once every 2 minutes, unless the player unlocks the Emote Frequency Customization, upon which they have a 30 second cooldown

    Paladin / Murderer / Pirate Items
    - Pirate Spyglass is now blessed similar to Holy and Dread Orbs
    - AddOn deeds should be redeemable from their respective playerclass vendors now


    - Removed the UOACZ Minor Reward from the UOACZ Stone and finalized the Large and Epic deco rewards
    - UOACZ Large Decoration Reward is a randomized large dead tree addon deed
    - UOACZ Epic Decoration Reward is an interactive skull pile that animates a blessed undead creature for a few seconds
    - Fix for the issue where destroying all stockpiles didn't result in an objective being completed for Undead
    - Wilderness Undead (that head towards the forts) will spawn more frequently
    - The number of Fort Guards and Fort Sentries have been reduced
    - The number of Stockpile militia have been reduced
    - A Trash Barrel has been placed at all Stockpiles
    - The Outpost now has 4 construction tiles for players to build and place Boiling Oil Cauldrons at
    - Wildlife will spawn much faster now
    - The amount of Undead spawning during Hordes has been increased
    - The mana regen rate of both Humans and Undead has been increased 100%
    - Stealth Attacks have now been re-enabled for both Humans and Undead, but still will only grant damage increases against NPCs
    - Added a back door to the Outpost


    - Player damage against NPCs has been doubled
    - Throwing torches now requires no Line-of-Sight (can throw across walls)
    - Torches have a 10 second cooldown between uses
    - Players starting Wrestling is now 80
    - Phalanx ability is now a default Human ability
    - Added the Overpower ability to the Soldier Upgrade (does a massive single hit)
    - Increased the impact of all damaging abilities when used against NPCs significantly
    - Melee abilities are now usable at range 2
    - Several buff abilities have been increased in effectiveness
    - Hardy ability increases hit point regen by +300% (instead of +100%)


    - Player damage against NPCs has been doubled
    - Swarm Follower damage against other NPCs has been doubled
    - NPC damage against Swarm Followers has been reduced by 50%
    - The number of Max Swarm Followers for each Monster Form has been reduced: some forms still have a larger number of max followers than other types to compensate for having "weaker" base stats/skills. Most forms that lost a large number of max followers have now received stat/skill bumps as well as increased ability effectiveness to compensate for this
    - Ability Cooldown Brains have been changed to Green color
    - Swarm Heal Brains have been changed to Grey-Yellow color
    - Increased the impact of all damaging abilities when used against NPCs significantly
    - Melee abilities are now usable at range 2
    - Significantly increased the chance of corrupting wildlife as a player or with swarm attacks
    - Gift of Corruption and Creep ability now has a 3 minute cooldown (instead of 5)
    - The Regeneration ability now increases hit point regen rate by +300% (instead of +100%)
    - The Regeneration and Sacrifice ability now have a cooldown of 2 minutes
    - Rally ability now has a cooldown of 5 minutes
    - The Dig ability now has a cooldown of 20 minutes
    - The Creep ability now fades from Vegetation after 30 minutes (allowing another Undead player to use the ability on that Vegetation again)
    - The Shield of Bones ability now grants the player and all nearby followers 25% melee damage reduction for 30 seconds
    - The Skeletal Knight created by the Embrace ability now takes 1 control slot
    - The ranges of most ranged abiltities and effects have been increased significantly
    - If a player has more than 100 stealth steps remaining, the number of stealth steps won't be displayed as a system message when moving
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