Patch 2.2.0 - UOAC Zombies - Misc Fixes

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    • UOACZ System Implementation
    • Fix for Influence System calculation crashes and shifting calculation times
    • Fix for crash caused by Customization Spell Hues Gump and Murderer Death Gump
    • Fix for an issue where players in dungeon armor are flagged as being in PvP after damaging party/guildmembers
    • Fix for Pet Battle Creature Select crash
    • Lures will no longer provide any aggro bonuses on ships
    • Increased the distance at which players need to be near a combat target while on a ship in order for tamed creatures / henchmen to earn Experience to 24 tiles
    • Sturdy and Diamond Pickaxes should now work on Lunite Ore Formations as normal
    • Added some additional support features for staff-controlled event creatures
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