Patch 2.1.7 - Misc Fixes

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    - Fix for Enhanced Spellbook charges issue (wizard / warlock books not applying charges when enhancing spells)

    - Fix for issue where fishing up the hold of a sunken ship resulted in unmovable doubloons being placed in your ship's hold

    - Removed 50% damage reduction modifier for Disease ability on high end mobs

    - Removed DoHarmful on AutoDispel effect (was causing Aggroing issues)

    - Added some missing restrictions on applying discoveries to Ancient Mystery Scrolls and added some overrides for scrolls with too many discoveries currently

    - Ancient Mysteries will no longer give out Power Scrolls and will have a 50% chance to drop Dungeon Armor Upgrade Hammers

    - Fire Dungeon Bosses now only have 33% chance to drop Dungeon Armor, Upgrade Hammer, and Power Scrolls (since there are 6 bosses there)

    - Enhanced Spellbook Tomes will now have the same hue as Enhanced Spellbooks (Hue 101)

    - Enhanced Spellbook Tomes will now drop more frequently

    - Spell Hue Deed drop rate has been moderately reduced

    - Rare Rope hue has been changed to 2514

    - Tamed Creature PvP Melee, PvP Spell, and PvP Ability damage has been dropped by 25%

    - Tamed Creatures will take 25% more damage from all sources

    - Wizard Enhanced Spellbook will now only spend a single charge on casting Arch Protection (and no longer one charge per target affected)

    - Warlock Enhanced Spellbook will now only spend a charge when casting poison if it upgrades the poison level

    - Changed Boss "Damage Intervals", that are used to fire off boss special abilities, to dynamically scale their values if we change their stats, typically for event purposes

    - Fixed an issue with ship cannon accuracy when targeting an opposing ship that is currently moving in slowdown mode (was very difficult to hit them, when it should have been the opposite)

    - Fixed an issue with Earth Elemental Spell hue label in the Spell Hue gump being labeled as Fire Elemental

    - Players using tracking while in a dungeon can now only track other targets in the same dungeon (i.e. can't track players in an adjacent dungeon even if technically "within" tracking range of them).

    - Fixed the summoned creature DamageMax bonus given by summoning a creature while using the Summoner Enhanced Tome (was using a slightly smaller number)

    - Fixed some issues with targets in certain locations not being hit by Massive Breath attacks

    - Heat of battle has been removed for PvP opt in characters

    - Tracking arrow in Wind should update for players that enter late

    - Disguise kits should no longer affect tournaments

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