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    Influence System

    - Any player who is logged in for at least 50% of a day will now always receive their full day's worth of Daily Influence from the Influence System

    - Prestige Scrolls must now be activated from inside a players pack (instead of on corpses / the ground)

    - Fixed a Skara Brae Influence marker location

    - Added an Innkeeper to Minoc's Tavern

    Paladin / Murderer / Pirate Stuff

    - Player class scores for Pirates / Paladins / Murderers have been fixed and will now be scored on a week-long cycle that is synced with the Influence System's week (lifetime scores for each were properly working however). There will be a slight time delay before scores begin calculating correctly after the patch goes live (should be about an hour or so).

    - Fixed an issue with Paladin / Murderer / Pirate weapon dye being usable by non-related class types (i.e not the owner)

    Tamed Creatures / Henchmen

    - Fix for Henchmen Transferring (for real this time!)

    - Fixed the handling on Context-Menu driven commands on pets (some context menu entries weren't making proper control checks on tamed creatures)

    - [ShowHenchmenSpeech can now be used to cycle henchmen overhead text display modes / frequency

    Ship Stuff

    - Overhauled code on Divide the Plunder for some potential weird scenarios with players leaving crews mid-divide

    - Fixed an issue with Doubloons not be properly given for killing The Deep One

    - Added Lunite Cannon Metal Upgrade deeds to rare ship loot table

    - Fixed some more issues with Guild Docks not being a valid target for certain ship actions

    - The Deep One's minions (deep crab, deep tentacle, deep water) will now decay very very quickly upon death. They will also now be worth 10 doubloons each.

    Monster AI Changes

    - Spellcaster creatures will deactivate thier Magic Reflect when leaving combat

    - Ore Elementals have had their Magic Reflect cooldown timers adjusted

    Armor and Dungeon Armors

    - Dungeon Armors have been revamped in terms of Armor Rating, Meditation Penalties, Dexterity Penalties

    - Shame, Covetous, Despise Dungeon Armors are now 35 AR baseline with Full Meditation and -0 Dexterity Penalty

    - Deceit, Wrong and Hythloth Dungeon armors are now 45 AR baseline with 50% Meditation and -3 Dexterity

    - Fire, Ice, and Destard Dungeon Armors are now 60 AR with No Meditation and -10 Dexterity

    - Deceit Dungeon Armor has been converted to an Energy Siphon affect. Energy Siphon is a 12%, 14%, 16%, 18% (per tier) chance on melee/ranged attack to regain 20% of your max hit points, 25% of your max stamina, and 15% of your max mana

    - Fixed an issue with non-leather armor types having way less meditation regen than they should have (will be mostly noticeable on templates wearing 50% med armor and having meditation skill: i.e. med-dexers)


    - Exceptional Instruments will now boost effective Barding Skill by 10 (instead of 5)

    - Slayer Instruments will now boost effective Barding Skill by 20 (instead of 10)

    - Certain high level creatures will now be Provocable / Pacifiable, however will now only have half the normal Peacemaking / Provocation / Discordance durations than that of lower level creatures (i.e. they will have 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds).

    AutoDispel and The Dispel Spell
    - Spellcasting creatures will no longer cast the Dispel Spell

    - Monsters can now AutoDispel multiple targets simultaneously, but must wait for it's cooldown against the target to pass before making another autodispel effect on that creature (cooldowns are tracked independently for each target).

    - AutoDispel no longer automatically deletes a summoned creature, but instead deals raw damage to it based on the target's Maximum Hit Points. A creature's Magic Resist skill has no impact on AutoDispel anymore however.

    - The AutoDispel effect by default inflicts 60% of the target's Maximum Hitpoints as raw hit point damage to the target

    - Event Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 3 seconds
    - LOH Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 4 seconds
    - Dungeon Bosses have an AutoDispel cooldown of 5 seconds
    - Sequential Champs have an AutoDispel cooldown of 6 seconds
    - Non-Boss Hard difficulty creatures have an AutoDispel cooldown of 8 seconds
    - Non-Boss Very Hard difficulty creatures have an AutoDispel cooldown of 10 seconds

    - Summons casted with a Summoner Enhanced spell book reduce this AutoDispel effect damage by 15% (i.e. going from 60% to 45%)

    - Having the Spirit Speak skill can further reduce the AutoDispel damage on your summoned creatures by 15% (scaling based on skill, with up to 18% at 120 skill)

    - Having the Inscription skill can further reduce the AutoDispel damage on your summoned creatures by 15% (scaling based on skill, with up to 18% at 120 skill)

    - Summoned Water Elementals always reduce AutoDispel damage by 15%


    - A Tank Mage using a Summoner Enhanced Spellbook to summon a Daemon will see that Daemon taking 45% of it's maximum hit points as damage from each AutoDispel effect that hits it. (60% - 15% = 45%)

    - A Mage with 100 Spirit Speak and using a Summoner Enhanced Spellbook to summon a Blade Spirit will see that Blade Spirit take 30% of its maximum hit points as Damage for each AutoDispel that hits it. (60% - 15% - 15% = 30%)

    - A Mage with 100 Spirit Speak, 100 Inscription, a Summoner Spellbook, and summoning a Water Elemental will see that creature take 0% damage from AutoDispel effects (60% - 15% - 15% - 15% = 0%)

    Spring Festival
    - Boosted the drop rates of many items on Spring Festival creatures (seeds, dirt, rares)

    - Some Spring Festival creatures have had their abilities altered and will now start casting colored hues

    - Fertile Dirt now will weigh .25 (instead of 1 stone)

    - Spring Festival Sprites are now part of the Fae slayer group

    Special Effects / Abilities

    - Players and NPCs that are "Hindered" (i.e. the full paralyze that is similar to the Archery Special Weapon attack) will lose their current bandaging action, similar to how players/NPCs lose their current spell cast in progress when Hindered (for instance, during Lyth the Destroyer's Wing Buffet knockback)

    - Frenzy, Enrage, Courage, Fortitude special abilities (from monsters / followers) should all now have overhead text displays indicating their activation (some monsters didn't display this).

    - The Frenzy creature special effect will no longer stack

    - Mushroom explosions have had their damage reduced and their area of effect reduced from 2 to 1

    - Monsters that do mushroom explosions will now have more mushrooms per burst, but will on average be spread out over a wider area

    - Updated the handling on Massive Breath (for non-tamed creatures) to give us some more flexibility with variants of it (you'll start seeing some new versions on very high-end creatures)

    - Cooking "Lures" have had their ingredients changed from Fish to Raw Fish Steaks

    - Combining tinker traps should correctly work with existing stacks of them

    Wind Battleground

    - Carriers of the wind fragment can now attack other players.

    - Carriers of the wind fragment can no longer teleport and will take slightly increased damage.

    - Wind will be won by the town with the most points at the end of the hour if no one has scored 500.

    Misc Stuff

    - Fixed some issues with the "Vicious" Player Customization where it sometimes wouldn't generate extra blood on creatures during Bleed effects

    - Some unique monsters will now have custom spell colors

    - Added An Corp Supporter Tunic and Shirt in Donation shop

    - An Corp Supporter clothing can be chopped up for 1 cloth

    - Created Lunite Ore Elementals (will be rare and mostly for events)

    - Removed Bow and Arrow set from donation shop Hunter's Deco Pack and added "a hunting companion: weasel" as the replacement in the Hunter Pack for it

    - Spelling / grammar fixes for some Ancient Mystery Scroll text

    - Added Rare Pet Dyes (Amethyst, Sapphire, and Emerald) as rare loot drops on creatures

    - Power hours can now be extended by time spent online. For every hour a player remains online their next power hour will be extended by 5 minutes up to a max of 3 hours total.

    - Rare statues can be used while locked down.

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