Patch 2.1.16 - Notoriety & Pet Fixes

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    Tamed Creatures
    • Restored original amounts of aggro for tamers telling their pets to attack a creature
    • Void Slime's attack now has a 1 second movement "freeze" similar to creatures doing breath attack
    • Void Slime's attack now resolves similarly to a melee attack in terms of factoring in Armor, Parry, and any PvP Damage scalars applicable to all tamed creatures
    • Void Slime's attack speed now has two modes (PvP and PvM)
    • PvP (against players / tamed pets) attack speed is its normal, old speed of 5 seconds per attack
    • PvM (against non-tamed creatures) attack speed is 3 seconds per attack.
    • Henchmen who are in stealth have a delay before they will use any throwing weapons when coming out of stealth
    • Henchmen PvP Melee Damage and PvP Ability Damage dropped by 25% for:
      Henchmen Assassin, Henchmen Shadowblade, Henchmen Bandit, Henchmen Mercenary.
    Exploding Pets
    • Exploding pets will no longer damage tamed creatures
    • Created a series of tester rewards and a belated Halloween Reward for UOACZ Halloween Testers

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