Patch 2.1.13 - Misc Fixes; Militia Update; Pet Adjustments

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    Paladin / Murderer/ Pirate

    - Paladin / Murderer / Pirate Platemail and Shields have been updated to have correct dexterity penalties and ARs

    - Orb of Holy / Dread Sight are both now blessed

    - Dread Coin earned from killing players has been increased 100%, and Platinum earned by Paladins killing Murderers have been increased 100% as well

    Tamed Creatures

    - Fixed several issues where a tamer telling their pet to attack a target wouldn't result in the tamer being correctly flagged to the target(notably when the target is criminal).

    - All creatures, both normal and tamed, will take half as much stamina loss from damage as before: as such, tamed creatures will be able to keep their attack speed up for longer and should see a bump in PvM DPS.

    - Tamed creatures that are not in Attack / Patrol / Guard / or Stay mode will not make any attacks back against players/creatures that attack them

    - When a tamed creature's controller dies, or goes several screens away from the creature, they will now default into Stop mode (instead of Stay mode). The tamer can still manually tell the tamed creature to go into Stay mode, even as a ghost, they just won't do it automatically now.

    - Ancient Wyrm and Ancient Winter Wyrm's Massive Breath Attack for tamers have been bumped from 4 to 6 tiles distance

    - Fixed the issues with tamed creature Massive Breath damage not working correctly

    - Implemented an alternating timer for Ancient Wyrm / Winter Wyrm Firebreath / Massive Breath to prevent ability overlap: Breath attacks will occur about every 10 seconds

    - Energy Vortex and Blade Spirits now will display their damage dealt/received via [ShowFollowerDamage and [ShowFollowerDamageTaken

    - Rotworm Larva will now correctly need Veterinary Salts to ress

    - Shadow Drake meditation has been fixed


    - When creatures cast a spell and the target recalls or gets a large number of tiles away from the caster, the spell is nullified (with the exception of the Explosion spell)

    - Creatures casting Debuff spells (Weaken, Feeblemind, Clumsy, Curse) will now at most be able to debuff stats by -11 (bosses and creatures with 100+ magery previously could debuff up to -16)

    - Provoked creature spellcasters now can hit things they are provoked onto with AoE spells like Meteor Swarm and Chain LIghtning

    - Creature spellcasters will no longer hit themselves in with in the radius of their own AoE spell

    Militia Changes

    - Capture braziers have been added near the treasury of each city, town capture points can now only be gained while this brazier is lit.

    - Additional braziers will increase the gain of capture points.

    - Capture brazier will self douse very quickly if no one from the holding militia is within range.

    - Lighting and dousing braziers now prevents hiding of any kind for the same duration that it prevents recall.

    Pet Adjustments


    • increased armor from 25 to 100
    • increased magic resist from 50 to 75

    • increased poisoning skill from 25 to 50

    White Wyrm
    • increase magic resist from 50 to 75 (dragon already had 75)

    Silver serpent
    • increased poisoning skill from 50 to 60

    • Increased wrestling skill from 85 to 90

    • Increased wrestling skill from 85 to 90

    Plague Rat
    • Increased wrestling skill from 90 to 95

    • Increased evaluate intelligence skill from 100 to 125
    • Increased armor from 50 to 75

    • Increased minimum damage from 16 to 20
    • Increased maximum damage from 18 to 22
    • Increased evaluate intelligence skill from 25 to 50
    • Increased magery skill from 25 to 50
    • Increase wrestling skill from 85 to 90
    • Increase meditation skill from 0 to 100

    • Increased minimum damage from 24 to 30
    • Increased maximum damage from 26 to 32
    • Increased evaluate intelligence skill from 25 to 50
    • Increased magery skill from 25 to 50

    • Increased armor from 50 to 75
    • Increased magic resistance from 50 to 75
    • Increased wrestling skill from 95 to 100
    • Increased minimum damage from 16 to 24
    • Increased maximum damage from 18 to 26
    • Upgraded poison type from Deadly to Lethal

    AncientWyrm & Ancientwinterwyrm
    • Increase armor from 75 to 100
    • Massive breath attacks will deal damage again (to any creature in range which is currently hostile towards the wyrm or its master)
    • Range of massive breath increased by 2 tiles


    - Fixed an issue with Lunite Ore Spawners not spawning Lunite Ore Formations in dungeons

    - When a player dies, all special effects on them that have a duration length, such as Bleed / Disease / Cripple / Stun, are now removed from them

    - When players use Kindling to make campfires, if they have 5 or more campfires active, the oldest campfire they have built is now deleted. Previously, players spamming campfires would cause nearby client to slow to a halt (someone macroing camping and having 1000s of campfires active), and this should resolve that issue.

    - A furniture dye tub can now be used to dye a banner that comes from a banner deed on the donation shop.
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