Patch 2.1.11 - New Player Enhancements

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    Newbie Retention Initiative Stuff
    • Weak creatures have gold drops bumped by 25%
    • Medium difficulty creatures have gold drops bumped by 15%
    • Moderately difficult creatures have gold drops bumped by 10%
    • The base rates of skill scroll drops will be increased by 25% of their current amounts
    • Each week we'll be designating a "Veteran Dungeon" that has increased Paragon rates and a different "Newbie Dungeon" that has an additional bump to skill scroll drop rates as well as increased gold drops
    • Heater Shield changed to 22 AR and -6 dex (was currently 25 AR and -12 dex) to match what it was supposed to be set to (somehow slipped my attention)
    • Bone Armor now matches Ringmail stats (25 AR and -3 dex total) but still has 25% meditation and low durability
    • Active Skill Gain rates for Animal Taming, Detect Hidden, and Poisoning bumped by 50%
    • Passive Animal Taming skill gain now allowed in wilderness but is 2x slower
    • Passive Animal Taming skill gain rate is now 2x faster if the player is below 50 Animal Taming
    • Pet XP gain rate is 2x faster against creatures that players can gain skill scrolls from
    • Created a "Newbie Dungeon Rune" that teleports a Young player into the newbie dungeon. The item freezes the player for 5 seconds when using it. Players may only use it once every 10 minutes, and cannot use it if:
    a) they have been in combat with a creature within the last 30 seconds
    b) they have been in pvp with anyone within the last 60 seconds
    c) they are already within the newbie dungeon​

    Other Changes
    • Energy Vortexes and Blade Spirits will aggro creatures similar to how monsters will go after player's tamed creatures
    • Provoked creatures will no longer conduct any healing actions (spells / bandages / potions)
    • Deceit Siphon ability should work on hits that kill their target
    • Added additional cooking items for single versions of fish steaks and ribs
    • Added achievements for pirates and lumberjacking
    • Kindling will now use the proper resource color
    • Prevent incognito potion from changing the color of kegs incorrectly
    • BOD Books now only count as 1 item
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