Haku the Battle God 7/7/2015

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    The Atlanteans are a rather mysterious tribe of individuals who have taken up residence deep within the depths of Shame. Their strong ties with the elements of the world have lead to their unprecedented knowledge and skill in elemental magic.

    Haku, The Battle God, a renowned Priest of the Flame among the Atlanteans, made an attempt at invading Wind. Haku had heard of the overwhelming powerful Ancient Red Wyrm that resided with in the Park. It was his intention to confront the Wyrm and tame him, adding another powerful entity to the Atlantean forces.

    Alas, the Gods of the land did not approve of this plan since it interfered with their Battle for Wind hour that they forced the town militias to participate in, and barred entry to Wind to all.

    With the mission foiled, Haku retreated back to the Fire Temple within Shame, yet the Adventurers followed him...

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