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    Influence System

    Influence System Summary and Preview

    - Players can now convert 2 Influence Lottery Tickets into a Henchman Recruitment Deed (for hiring Begging-based NPC followers) from the Influence Marker Reward gump

    - The first time a player with at least 100 Begging and 100 Camping accesses an Influence Marker, they are given a free Henchmen Recruitment Deed in their bank box

    - Any gold Investments made at an Influence Marker will be added to the Treasury of the town the marker resides in

    - Prestige scrolls will appear as loot on monsters, dungeon / treasure chests, the Influence Lottery, and Buccaneer's Den specific prestige scrolls will appear in ship holds

    Crafting Components

    - 12 New items used for new crafting recipes included in the expansion and will likely be also used for eventual new systems (things like custom alchemy)
    - Can be found on monsters, dungeon / treasure chests, the Influence Lottery, and ship holds

    Types include:

    - Bluecap Mushroom
    - Cockatrice Egg
    - Creepervine
    - Fire Essence
    - Ghostweed
    - Ghoul Hide
    - Lunite Heart
    - Obsidian Shard
    - Quartzstone
    - Shattered Crystal
    - Snakeskin
    - Troll Fat

    Crafting Components Preview

    Ship Improvements / Changes
    - Ship Repair Tools can no longer be spammed without delay outside of combat (but will still have it's normal non-combat 15 second cooldown)

    - Introducing Cannon Metal Upgrade Deeds, Ship Outfitting Deeds, Epic Ability Deeds, and Treasure Theme and Derelict Theme. These deeds can only be found as loot in ship holds and boss-level ocean monsters (ocean bosses should always have at least 1 of these deeds as loot)

    - Ship Upgrade Deeds have had their doubloon costs rebalanced as so:

    Donation Shop Boat Paint Deed = 0 doubloon base cost
    Passive Ability Upgrade Deed = 100 doubloons base cost
    Active Ability Upgrade Deed = 200 doubloons base cost
    Paint Upgrade Deed = 300 doubloons base cost
    Theme Upgrade Deed = 500 doubloons base cost
    Cannon Metal Upgrade Deed = 750 doubloons base cost
    Epic Ability Upgrade Deed = 1000 doubloons base cost
    Treasure Theme Upgrade Deed = 1000 doubloons base cost
    Outfitting Upgrade Deed = 2000 doubloons base cost

    Reminder: Ship Upgrade Installation Cost = Doubloon Base Cost * Ship Level
    [ where a Small Boat is Ship Level 1 and a Galleon is Ship Level 5 ]

    Epic Ship Abilities Deeds
    - A ship can use only one epic ability out of any that are installed on a ship once every 5 minutes. They are as follows:

    Double Time Epic Ability Upgrade
    Large increase in effectiveness to the next Ship Repair action

    Chain Shot Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Does a large amount of Sail damage and moderate amount of normal damage

    Grapeshot Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Does a high amount of crew-only damage and a limited amount of normal damage

    Hellfire Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Blankets a large area and does very high amounts of crew-only damage. Does no damage to ship systems, but can leave Hellfire Fields that continue to damage enemy creatures for a short duration.

    High-Explosive Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Does a large amount of Hull damage and a normal amount of crew damage.

    Powdersoak Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Does a large amount of Gun damage and normal amount of crew damage

    Smokeshot Ammunition Epic Ability Upgrade
    Does no damage to ships or crew, but does a peacemaking affect against all affected crew

    Ship Cannon Metal Deeds
    - Changes the color of cannons on a ship.
    - Can also be used to target a "Salvaged Cannon" and change it's hue (Salvaged Cannons are explained later)
    Colors include:
    - Dull Copper
    - Copper
    - Agapite
    - Bronze
    - Gold
    - Shadow Iron
    - Valorite
    - Verite
    - Arcane Iron
    - Cold Steel
    - Deep Sea Iron
    - Frost Iron
    - Rose Iron
    - Wrath Iron

    Ship Outfitting Deed
    - Modifies the stats of the ship somewhat.
    Types include:

    Runner Outfitting

    Large Speed Increase
    Large Sail Points Increase

    Merchant Outfitting
    Moderate Speed Increase.
    Moderate Hit Points Increase
    Large Sail Points Increase

    Hunter Outfitting
    Moderate Speed Increase
    Large Cannon Reload Time Reduction
    Medium Cannon Accuracy Increase

    Destroyer Outfitting

    Large Gun Points Increase
    Medium Cannon Reload Time Reduction
    Medium Cannon Damage Increase

    Dreadnought Outfitting
    Large Hit Points Increase
    Large Gun Points Increase
    Large Sail Points Increase

    Ship Themes
    - Treasure Theme
    - Derelict Theme

    Treasure Ship Theme + Black Paint + Wrath Iron Cannon Metal

    Derelict Ship Theme + Lime Paint + Verite Cannon Metal

    Ship Paints (also now available via Donation Shop)
    - Black
    - Blue
    - Bone
    - Brown
    - Dark Grey
    - Gold
    - Green
    - Grey
    - Light red
    - Lime
    - Orange
    - Pink
    - Purple
    - Red
    - Sea Green
    - Tan

    Ship Epic Abilities Preview

    Paladin, Murderer, Pirate Currency Items
    Fancy Containers
    - Pirate Footlocker
    - Dread Dresser
    - Paladin Dresser

    - Ocean's Bounty Fishing Pole

    New Addons
    - Decorative Horse Barding (Paladin)
    - Shadow Banner (Murderer)
    - Jolly Roger Floor Symbol (Pirate)

    Salvaged Cannons

    - Purchased with doubloons from the Pirate Vendor
    - Player useable cannons that don't do any damage, but can be locked down in a house and activated.
    - Must be loaded like normal ship cannons before fireing
    - Players can use Ship Cannon Metal Upgrade Deeds to dye Salvaged Cannons to the respective color

    - Variations of these cannons will appear for certain server events, and these other types will inflict damage to players, monsters, or to destroy breakable objects / terrain based on the event type
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    Dungeon Armor Overhaul and New Types

    - Dungeon Armor benefits are now subject to a 5 minute PvP timer: if a player has been in PvP within the last 5 minutes, they do not receive any of the stats or abilities granted from their dungeon armor.

    - Players are revealed when they add or remove the last piece of a matching set and create the aura effect + sound

    Dungeon Armor Overhaul Preview

    Dungeon Armor Upgrade Hammer
    - Drops as loot in spots where normal Dungeon Armor could normally be acquired
    - Has 1 charge and upgrades a single piece of Dungeon Armor by 1 tier, to a max of tier 4
    - Upgrading to a higher tier reduces the maximum number of Blessed charges on the armor (to a minimum of 2)

    Transmutation Stone
    - Players may come across Transmutation Essence as rare loot in places where Dungeon Armor could normally be acquired
    - Players must use the Alchemy Skill (skill range 80-120) to transform Transmutation Essence into a Transmutation Stone
    - Transmutation Stones have 1 charge and can be used to convert a single piece of Dungeon Armor from one dungeon type to another dungeon type

    - Values below are separated by commas to indicate the value of the effect at each armor tier

    Deceit Dungeon Armor
    Chance of Inflicting a "Hex" on Melee Attack: 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%
    Chance of Inflicting a "Hex" on Being Hit By Melee Attack: 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%
    Note: Hex is a 30 second duration 25% casting/attack slowdown, 20% wrestling debuff, and 33% armor pierce. It is independent of Discordance, as we don't want this armor to conflict with ongoing Discordance effects. It does, however, have the same 1/5th effect reduction on large scale monsters / bosses that Discordance has, to prevent it from being too powerful on bosses and high level creatures.

    Destard Dungeon Armor
    Melee Damage Received Reduction: 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%
    Spell Damage Received Reduction: 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%
    Bandage Self Timer Reduction: -2.5s, -3s, -3.5s, -4s

    Hythloth Dungeon Armor
    Ignores Dex Penalties
    Melee Damage Inflicted Bonus: 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%
    Special Weapon Attack Chance Bonus: 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%

    Shame Dungeon Armor
    Full Meditation Allowed
    Spell Damage Inflicted Bonus: 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%
    Chance to Cast Spell at 50% Mana Cost: 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%

    Covetous Dungeon Armor
    Poison Damage Bonus: 22.5%, 25%, 27.5%, 30%
    Chance to Cast Poison / Poison Field with 0 Mana Cost: 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%
    Chance to Inflict Weapon Poison with No Charge Spent: 22.5%, 25%, 27.5%, 30%

    Wrong Dungeon Armor
    No Dex Penalties
    Bonus Stealth Steps: 5, 6, 7, 8
    Backstab Damage Bonus: 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%
    Stealth Now Leaves Footprints (This is to make them not very effective for potential PKing as an offset for bonus steps)

    Despise Dungeon Armor
    Provoked Creature Damage Bonus: 22.5%, 25%, 27.5%, 30%
    Chance to Ignore Peacemaking Breakage: 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%
    Discordance Effect Bonus: 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%

    Ice Dungeon Armor
    Breath Damage Received Reduction: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Bleed Damage Received Reduction: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Poison Damage Received Reduction: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Disease Damage Received Reduction: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Bandage Through Poison Healing Amount: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Monster Special Effect Avoidance Chance: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%

    Fire Dungeon Armor
    Breath Damage Received Reduction: 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%
    Flamestrike on Melee Attack Chance: 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%
    Flamestrike on Being Hit by Melee Attack Chance: 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%

    Aquariums and Fishing Spots

    - Aquariums are now purchasable from Donation Shop or found as rare loot from Influence Lottery
    - Fishing Spots now will appear in the ocean
    - Pirate Spyglass now allows toggling between search modes for Ships and Fishing Spots (remembers your last selection made)
    - Players will be able to craft Spidersilk Fishing Nets (tailoring 80-120 skill) with new crafting components to use to harvest Fishing Spots
    - Fishing Spots come in "Schools of Fish" or "Shipwreck" variety
    - Players can find resources, prestige scrolls, research materials, or aquarium fish/decorations from Fishing Spots
    - Players can find over 30+ unique types of aquarium fish from "Schools" and 30+ aquarium decorations from "Shipwrecks"
    - Aquarium items have 4 levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra
    - Players can drop aquarium items into an aquarium and can view the details of the item including rarity
    - Aquariums lose 20% of their max water per day, and must be filled with a water container, otherwise 1 fish per day will perish if the water level is at 0%

    Aquarium + Fishing Spots Preview

    Lunite Rock Formations + Lunite Ore

    - Requires GM Mining minimum to attempt harvesting
    - Lunite Ore / Ingots are skill difficulty of 100 for crafting / mining (as opposed to Valorite which is 99)
    - Lunite Rock Formations will now spawn in dungeons and dangerous places in the world, but have a very, very long respawn timer intended to keep them pretty rare

    Lunite Ore Harvesting + Crafting

    Henchman System + Henchman Recruitment Deed

    Henchman System Preview and Summary

    - Players can now convert 2 Influence Lottery Tickets into a Henchman Recruitment Deed (for hiring Begging-based NPC followers) from the Influence Marker Reward gump

    - The first time a player with at least 100 Begging and 100 Camping accesses an Influence Marker, they are given a free Henchmen Recruitment Deed in their bank box

    - Henchmen are now "stabled" at town Innkeepers in the same way you would stable pets (the handling is identical for stabling / claiming). Players may additionally say "I wish to house" with a Henchman at an Innkeeper as an alternative way (and more thematic/roleplay friendly) to "stable" their follower

    Henchman Recruiting (and Camping Firepit) Preview

    Camping Firepit

    - Crafted using Carpentry (80-120 skill) and new crafting components
    - Has 10 charges and lasts 30 minutes per charge
    - Player double clicks the Camping Firepit in their pack and targets a location to place a campsite (costs 1 charge)
    - Any player that double clicks a Camping Firepit campsite on the ground or picks it up will extinguish it
    - Will boost regen rates of Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana to nearby players and tamed creatures as long as they have not been in any form of combat for 10 seconds or any form of PvP in the last 5 minutes
    - The "quality" of the firepit for the charge duration is based on the Camping skill of the player placing the campsite
    - There are 4 quality levels of activation, with each level granting potential faster regen rates
    - Camping Firepits count as normal campfires for logging out as well as cooking purposes

    Camping Firepit (and Henchman) Preview


    - Crafted from Cooking (80-120 skill) and uses raw fish and new crafting components
    - Players can apply a lure to themselves or to a tamed pet / henchman they control to increase the chance monsters will "aggro" and pick them as their combat target
    - Comes in 3 versions as follows (higher aggro effect taking more cooking skill to craft)
    - Faint Lure (long duration, slight aggro effect)
    - Potent Lure (medium duration, medium aggro effect)
    - Irresistable Lure (short duration, strong aggro effect)
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    Player Enhancements: Customizations

    Customizations (and Spell Hues) Summary

    - Players can find randomized Customization Deeds as loot in the Influence Lottery as ultra rare loot

    Player Enhancement: Customizations Summary and Preview

    Player Enhancements: Spell Hues

    Spell Hues (and Customizations) Summary

    - Players can find Spell Hue Deeds as loot on monsters, in dungeon / treasure chests, the Influence Lottery, and in ship holds
    - Looted Spell Hue Deeds are randomized from the 5 available hues (Fiery, Icy, Earthy, Ghostly, Earthy)
    - There are 5 Fiery Spell Hue Packs, 5 Icy Spell Hue Packs, and 5 Earthy Spell Hue Packs available for purchase in the donation shop.
    - Each individual Spell Hue Pack has a pre-set assortment of 6-7 spells of the respective Spell Hue for the set

    Player Enhancement: Spell Hue Preview

    Tinker Traps

    Tinker Traps Summary

    Tinker Traps Preview

    Tinker Traps can now be retrieved by their owner prior to them activating/expiring by double clicking on them

    Player Score Stones
    - Tracks and ranks all players based on their Lifetime, Last Month, and Current month scores for being Paladins, Murderers, Pirates
    - Scores are based on the amount of relevant currency (Platinum, Dread Coin, Doubloons), earned of the respective period
    - Will be placed at each bank

    Dissolve Dust
    - Sold at town Provisioners in town for 1 gold
    - Can be used to delete Newbied items from your backpack
    - Players will get a confirmation gump upon targeting

    Ocean Boss: The Deep One
    - New Dungeon-level Boss that spawns as sea

    The Deep One: Ocean Boss Preview

    Note: the video is split into two parts, with the second half of the view showing a GM character with 500 each skill tackling the boss, simply to show off it's effects

    New Dungeon Bosses / Champs
    - Overhauled and redesigned the bosses used in the Khaldun event and will introduce several of them into the current Dungeon Boss / Champ collection

    - Super rare and will sometimes disguise themselves as normal chests until a player tries to activate them

    Mimic Preview
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    Ancient Mystery Scrolls

    An Ancient Mystery Location

    Other Mystery Locations

    - Ancient Mystery Scrolls are made using Inscription (skill range 80-120) and taking 25 blank scrolls and 2 ghoul hide (one of our new crafting components)
    - To fill out an Ancient Mystery Scroll, you need to add 6 completed Research and 6 Discoveries
    - Research Materials drop as loot on creatures (with higher chances on higher level creatures), as semi-rare loot in dungeon chests or treasure chests, ship's holds, rewards from the Influence Lottery, and a few other places
    - Players use the Forensics skill (min 95 skill) to "complete" research on Research Materials
    - Players may also use the Forensics skill (min 95 skill) on any Master Spell Scrolls to try to convert them into Researched Master Scrolls (these have a lower chance of success than Research Materials, however)
    - On a failed research attempt, there is a 25% chance to lose the Research Material / Master Spell Scroll
    - To apply "Research", you can double click an Ancient Mystery Scroll, then click on the diamond in the center of the resulting gump, and finally target a completed Research Material or Researched Master Scroll to add it to the Ancient Mystery Scroll. One of the icons on the gump will turn into a large scroll icon, and the Research Needed counter in the bottom left corner will be reduced.

    - In order to complete an Ancient Mystery Scroll, you will also need to make 6 "Discoveries"
    - Players make discoveries by utilizing Cartography on completed either Treasure Maps or fishing SOSes
    - Historically, SOSes automatically deleted themselves when activated, but will now instead be marked as "Completed" and can be used in our system
    - Players need a minimum of 95 Cartography to attempt to make a discovery, and they can make attempts by clicking on the diamond in the center of the Ancient Mystery Scroll gump, and then targeting either a completed Treasure Map or a Completed SOS
    - The higher the level of treasure map or SOS, the better chance of a discovery being made
    - Failure to make a discovery will have a 25% chance to lose the Treasure Map or SOS
    - For both Research and Discoveries, having a high skill value (Forensics / Cartography) will boost your chance of success

    - On a successful "Discovery" the treasure map or SOS being targeted is consumed, and a silver statue now appears in one of the icon slots of the Ancient Mystery Scroll gump
    - There are 6 different potential outcomes, or "Mysteries" possible, each one represented by a different statue.
    - Each time a player makes a discovery, one of the 6 possible statues is randomly added to the gump

    - Once a player has added 6 Research to the scroll and made 6 discoveries (i.e. 6 silver statues), the mystery is "revealed"
    - The resulting mystery is randomized, with additional weight being given to a particular mystery being added for each statue of it's corresponding type (i.e. 3 Medusa statues in the gump means there will be a 50% chance to have the Medusa Mystery, called "The Seduction")
    - The revealed mystery is presented in the middle of the gump with a red statue.

    - In order to activate a revealed mystery, a player clicks the diamond in the center of the gump, and then are given coordinates to a location
    - If they bring the Ancient Mystery Scroll to that location, and click the diamond again while within 10 spaces of that location, the Mystery Begins
    - Players have 4 hours to complete the mystery upon activation, before it decays and all creatures / items involved are lost

    - There are currently 6 different Mysteries (we'll be adding more), with some being a very difficult monster, a large wave of moderately difficult creatures, combinations of creatures and items that have a particular "puzzle" to figure out in order to kill them, or sometimes a chain of random "results" from using an item (such as the fountain example in preview)

    - Each mystery either has one or several rares completely unique to the individual mystery as loot on the creature(s) / item, as well as the loot that would be found on a dungeon boss.

    - Treasure Pile House Addons have been added to Ancient Mystery loot tables. Players are guaranteed a Small Pile, and based on luck, may receive Medium, Large, or Huge Treasure Piles

    A Huge Treasure Pile Addon

    Other Treasure Piles

    Ancient Mystery Scrolls Preview

    New Tamables


    115.1 Animal Taming
    2 Control Slots
    High DPS Creature with Frenzy ability

    Rotworm Larva
    115.1 Animal Taming
    1 Control Slot
    Immune to Poison
    Has a chance to Burrow into it's target, which inflicts 10% of it's own maximum hit points as damage to itself, but also inflicts a very, very large bleed effect on it's combatant that occurs over 30 seconds (and stacks with other bleed + other burrow effects). Burrow has a very, very small chance of firing off during PvP.

    Giant Rotworm
    115.1 Animal Taming
    3 Control Slots
    Immune to Poison
    Inflicts Deadly Poison and Inflicts the Plague Effect (similar to Plague Rat)
    Plague ability is similar in terms of damage to Deadly Poison (same damage and tick timer), except there is no immunity to it. Only one plague effect can be active on any target at a time. The Plague Ability has a very, very low chance of firing off during PvP.

    Sabertusk, Rotworm Larva, Giant Rotworm Preview

    Misc Rewards

    Exploding Animals

    - Comes in several different variations with varying strength levels, radius, and bonus loot
    - Several versions can be found at different rarities in the Influence Lottery, but also may appear as loot from events and particular Ancient Mystery Scrolls
    - Has a 10 second countdown and are frozen in place when activated (has been changed since the preview video)

    Exploding Animals Preview

    Paragon Wands

    - Has one charge and allows a player to convert a monster into a paragon version of itself
    - Targeted creature must not be in the vicinity of any other players or other player's tamed creatures and must be targeted at a fairly long range
    - Can be found as uncommon loot from the Influence Lottery

    Diamond Pickaxe / Diamond Shovel

    - Can be found as loot in the Influence Lottery
    - Diamond colored and has 2500 charges

    Influence Lottery Rewards / Rare Drops
    - Player Customization Deed
    - Transmutation Essence
    - Dungeon Armor Upgrade Hammer
    - Antique Standing Clock
    - City Lamp Post
    - Lunite Ingots
    - Aquarium Deed
    - Luxurious Furniture
    - Miniature Town Piece
    - Ultra Rare Cloth
    - Display Case Large Addon
    - Display Case Medium Addon
    - Large Bench Addon
    - Bar Top Glass Mugs
    - Bar Top Goblets
    - Exploding Bullvore
    - Unfinished Furniture
    - Spell Hue Deed (randomized)
    - Miniature Home
    - Table With Runner
    - Exploding Llama
    - Magical Weapon
    - Magical Armor
    - Rare Cloth
    - Hide Rack
    - Hide Rack Large Addon
    - Display Case Small
    - Tinker Trap (randomized)
    - Spider Silk Fishing Net
    - Camping Firepit
    - Paragon Wand
    - Lure (Randomized)
    - Research Materials
    - Ancient Mystery Scroll
    - Lavish Pillow
    - Veterinary Salts
    - Exploding Sheep
    - Diamond Pickaxe / Shovel (2500 uses)
    - PrestigeScroll
    - Crafting Components Bundles
    - Gold

    Note: some of the new expansion crafting items will sporadically occur as loot in the Influence Lottery (Ancient Mystery Scrolls, Tinker Traps, Spidersilk Fishing Nets, Camping Firepits, Lures), but players will more often likely be crafting them.

    Additionally, same classic UO rares will be spawning in various world locations for keen observers to discover.
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    Other Fixes

    Character Creation

    - New characters will now start with 50 gold (non-newbied)
    - New characters will now start with a newbied pair of scissors
    - New characters will now start with a Training Credit Deed worth 300 gold. Training Credit Deeds can be dropped onto NPCs for skill training in the place of gold

    Champs, Bosses, LOH Bosses, Event Bosses

    - These are now automatically toggled to be freely lootable regardless of damage dealt from players
    - These creatures now play their "Hurt" sounds and "Hurt" animations at a reduced rate, so players will actually be able to see their other animations (and not just a non-stop string of Hurt Animations/Sounds)
    - Now have a built-in partial immunity to paralyze, entangle, hindering effects:
    - Champ = 75%, Boss = 80%, LoH Boss = 85%, Event Boss = 90% chance to "overpower" paralyze, entangle, and hinder effects
    - If one of these creatures "overpowers" a paralyze or paralyze field spell, it simply has no effect
    - If one of these creatures "overpowers" a player or tamed creature's Hinder (archery special weapon attack) or Entangle effect, they ignore the normal movement restriction, but instead suffer extra damage similar to being hit by a Macing crushing blow (Hinder effect receives a higher damage bonus than Entangle effect)
    - These creatures by default have the Discordance Effect and Special Weapon Effects against them reduced to 1/5 of normal amounts (i.e. Discordance on Lyth the Destroyer gets lowered from a 25% reduction down to 5% reduction)
    - If more than 5 players are in proximity to one of these creatures, the effect of tamed creature and player Weapon Special Effects (but not Discordance) are reduced by a divisor equal to the number of players nearby: i.e if 10 players attacking are fighting a Boss, a player's Fencing Cripple effect on that boss would reduced to 1/10th the normal amount. Because players can stack unlimited numbers of Special Weapon Attacks / Tamed effects on monsters, this change reduces the ability of a large number of players to "stun-lock" or weaken bosses to the point where they have very slow attacks or very little wrestling (via stun) skill and offer up little in the way of challenge.
    - Ancient Necromancer's Aggro Timer to match other bosses (went from 2.5 seconds to .5 seconds)

    Tamed Creatures + New Henchman "Taming"

    - Fixed an issue where creatures being pulled from stables would sometimes start out with their default, and not xp-adjusted hit points / stamina / mana.
    - Fixed a rounding issue with pet stats/skills that have been adjusted via XP and will now correctly round any fractions instead of automatically rounding down
    - Players can now use Animal Lore to get the Animal Lore Gump on any monster or creature, regardless whether it's tameable or not
    - Players will have 100% success to get the Animal Lore gump on their own tamed creature regardless of their Animal Lore skill level
    - Animal Lore Gump will now correctly show poisoning skill for monsters
    - Players can now use the Anatomy skill to bring up the "Animal Lore" gump on Henchmen and will have 100% success chance to bring up the gump regardless whether they control the Henchman or not (so they may preview potential stats)
    - Players with Begging and Camping receive stable slots in the exact same manner as a player with Animal Taming and Animal Lore
    - Fixed an issue with some high-level tameables with high stats + full xp unintentionally qualifying for some of the effect reductions that large monsters receive (i.e. the 1/5th reduction mentioned earlier)

    Ships + Fishing

    - Players now automatically have stamina-free movement while on boats
    - Ships that return to full speed (after being in slow down mode from sail damage) will keep moving in their current direction (sometimes would switch to "Forward")
    - Ship themes should now result in more ship item decorations on deck
    - Doubloon Upgrade costs are now 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x for Small, Medium, Large, Carrack, Galleon boats respectively
    - Players can use the [shipupgrades command to immediately access the Ship Upgrade Gump for easy access to toggleing Ship Active Abilities and the new Ship Epic Abilities

    - Fixed several issues with spawned and newly placing ships sometimes starting out with lower hit points than they should have
    - Players can now Divide the Plunder near docks / guild docks
    - SOS notes will no longer be automatically deleted: they are now kept and marked as "Completed", as they can now be used in the Ancient Mystery Scrolls mechanic
    - The Pirate Spyglass now has the ability to toggle search modes between Ships and Fishing Spots (which includes shipwrecks).
    - The loot in NPCS ship's holds will no longer be stacked in a pile (will be randomized like normal containers)

    Paladins / Murderers

    - The "Unique" murder cooldown has been reduced from 12 hours to 4 hours
    - "Non-Unique" kills are now worth 2 dread coins and "Unique" Kills are now worth 20 dread coins
    - Players no longer receive any dread coin penalties for killing players as part of a group
    - If a murder occurs in a dungeon, the dread coin value of the kill increases by 100% (increases to 4 for a non-unique kill and to 40 for a unique kill)
    - The amount of platinum a Paladin, who inflicts the most damage to a pk that is killed, earns is equal to two times the amount of dread coins that murderer has earned since they were last "paladin whacked"
    - Paladins assisting in the killing of a pk still receive 50% the amount of platinum that the "primary" paladin earns as normal

    - Players can say [showstealthsteps to cycle the display mode of text feedback for stealth step activation / stealth movement. Display Modes are: "None", "System Message", and "Private Overhead"

    Poison Spell / Poison Field Spell
    - Bumped the rate chance of Deadly Poison occurring from Poison Magery to its intended amount
    - Rates are as follows:
    - Greater Poison = 1.0 * (Poison Skill / 100) [i.e 100% Chance at 100 Magery + 100 Poisoning]
    - Deadly Poison = .30 * (Poison Skill / 100) [i.e 30% Chance at 100 Magery + 100 Poisoning]
    - Lethal Poison = .10 * (Poison Skill / 100) [i.e 10% Chance at 100 Magery + 100 Poisoning]

    - Warlock Spellbook will increase the chance of each poison level by 50% for Poison Magery as normal

    Breakable Statics / Breakable Containers
    - Added support for us to create breakable buildings, statics, containers for future events like fortress assaults, zombie invasions/outbreaks, and other neat stuff with destructable geography

    Summer Festival Event
    - Added handling for big persistant event coming up
  6. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

    New Donation Items

    - Aquarium Deeds
    - Spell Hue Packs (15 Total Packs from Earthy, Fiery, Icy Hues)
    - New Boat Paints
    - Potion Keg Combining Deed (combines two potion keg capacities together)
    - Potion Barrel Conversion Deed (converts a potion keg with capacity of 500 or higher into a potion barrel)
    - Incognito Potion (duration 5 minutes)
    - Monstrous Polymorph Potion (grants random monster body for 5 minutes, but deactivates during PvP)
    - "An An Corp Supporpter Fancy Dress" and "An An Corp Supporpter Fancy Shirt" to the donation shop (blessed)
    - Player Home Bulletin Boards

    Decoration Packs:
    - Hunter's Deco Pack
    - Monster Slayer's Deco Pack
    - Spooky Deco Pack
    - Chef's Deco Pack
    - Ruined Home Deco Pack
    - Vineyard Deco Park
    - Animal Handler Deco Pack
    - Lifesize Chess Set Deco Pack
  7. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

  8. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

    Ok, post lockdown removed :p

    I'm going to keep the two posts above reserved though for additions we need to the list and whatnot (Xenoforo apparently has a 10000 character limit per post and a 5 video per post limit that our old forum didnt have).
  9. bigp3rm

    bigp3rm Apprentice

    Jan 27, 2014
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    This.. this is amazing!
  10. Kalanmyr

    Kalanmyr Journeyman

    Feb 22, 2014
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    That is an impressive amount of content. Very cool! Thanks Luthius and staff.
  11. Sacksquatch

    Sacksquatch Apprentice

    May 22, 2015
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    It's like christmas!
  12. Fenix

    Fenix Expert

    Feb 22, 2014
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    as if this place wasn't already the coolest customized shard... fuck me
  13. Legacy

    Legacy Elder

    Jan 14, 2015
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    Luth, do the henchmen work in pvp?
  14. Seaniewaunie

    Seaniewaunie Apprentice

    Jan 27, 2014
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    You're very talented Luthius, this is awesome.
  15. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

    Yeah they work in all regards (stabling, commands, combat, movement speed) just like tamed creatures with the following exceptions:

    - You have to recruit them using a Henchman Recruitment Deed (which can be acquired using Influence Lottery Tickets). To recruit them, you have to have at least 5 Influence at the building they are currently residing at (see Influence System Preview for example)
    - Henchman are automatically bonded to you when recruited and given a bonus starting XP amount as listed on the Recruitment Deed (it's randomized from 0-250). They gain XP as normal however.
    - Henchman can be resurrected via Veterinary Salts twice, however, on their third death they are permanently dead

    Stats-wise and skill-wise they are set to be a bit lower than tamed creatures of the same skill / control slot equivalency as an offset for the fact that its much easier to make a Begging + Camping character than it is a Animal Taming character. So PvP-wise it shouldn't any worse than current tamers, especially since their stats/skills are a bit lower that tamed creaures.
  16. Hazzard

    Hazzard Elder

    Jan 28, 2014
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    Awesome luthius. But now we gotta think of something else for you to do lmao jk. Great job.
  17. Jagacademy

    Jagacademy Novice

    Jun 7, 2015
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    Can we rethink the idea of henchmen working in PvP? If I wanted to do PvE, I'd do PvE.

    Can you give us a list of some of the new donation items?
  18. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

    I'm not sure I'm following you.

    The Henchmen are essentially the same thing as tamed creatures for all intents and purposes: players can already chose to pvp with their tamed creature pets if they want to, and henchmen would be exactly the same thing. Henchmen will follow the same restriction as tamed creatures, preventing them from being in militia combat for balancing purposes.
  19. Jagacademy

    Jagacademy Novice

    Jun 7, 2015
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    That's what I was looking for, thank you for replying.

    Any hint as to some of the new donation items?
  20. Luthius

    Luthius Guest

    Some of the new donation stuff are:

    Aquarium Deeds
    New Pet Dyes
    Spell Hue Packs (15 Total Packs from Earthy, Fiery, Icy Hues)
    New Boat Paints
    New Decoration Packs (Stuff like Woodsman Theme)
    New Housing Addons (stuff like Horse Barding)

    I've also been debating on adding randomized customization deeds to the shop as well, albeit for a large number of dragon coins: mostly for players who have banked up a really large number of dragon coins

    Also if you guys have any suggestions for more donation stuff you'd like to see, feel free to make them. In most cases, they're actually super easy to code / add, and wouldn't delay release of the expansion really (since we're mostly just testing at this point and most donation stuff / decorations really wouldn't need any testing).

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