Anniversary Event: The Plague!

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    As many of you know, our one year anniversary is coming up this Sunday, January 17th. It's been a long, bumpy road up to this point, but we're still alive and kicking!

    The An Corp Staff would humbly like to invite everyone out this Sunday, January 17th, at 4 PM PST, in order to investigate rumors of a plague that have been spreading around the Moonglow area. The source of this "plague" is currently unknown, but some say that the initial infection came from the animals at the famed Moonglow Zoo.

    Whatever we find, it is surely going to take the combined efforts of everyone involved in order to put an end to it.

    ((This event is going to be fairly long and we'll be doing an anniversary hand out at the end. If you can't make it or stay for the entire event, I would encourage you to leave a character logged in so you can receive the hand out!))
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